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Your Privacy

Your assurance of privacy is my top priority. You can be assured that any information you supply in the course of completing any of the forms on my website will not be distributed to any person or persons without your consent.

Distribution in this case means the supply of pertinent information to a mortgage lender for mortgage pre-approval and or financing approval, to a lawyer, home inspector, engineer or any other property inspection service, or any other required party in order to facilitate the home purchase/sale process. Any such information will only be supplied, upon your consent, on a need-to-know basis.

I do not condone or practise the supply of personal information to other businesses or individuals other than consented by you in accordance with the Federal Government regulations on the collection of, and use of personal information (PIPEDA). Any information you supply is strictly for the purpose of the real estate process as described above.

Document Destruction - I go to great lengths to protect your privacy, and also help the environment. I have selected "Shred-It" to destroy all records no longer required. Their secure document destruction is done on-site, where I can personally witness the job while it is being done. The shredded documents are later processed by recyclers for reuse in products. Many document destruction companies simply pick up the records, and from that point on, some of their employees have access to your documents pending their destruction. I feel this is a risk to personal privacy and could lead to identity theft. View their most recent visit to my office by clicking on the certificate below.


If at any time you wish an accounting of your information on file, please forward your request in writing to the address posted on this website. This information will only be forwarded to the party who has supplied the information, and identifiable proof that the request is in fact from the correct party may be required before such information is released.

Thank you. Happy, safe surfing on my website.