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Pictured above are Franken and Mazel

Franken a.k.a. FrankenStern (foreground) was rescued from being euthanized and adopted by us (actually, he adopted us) in 2004. Born with 3 ears (and 3 ear canals) but deaf, and requiring hand feeding due to a digestive problem, he also suffers from lack of balance but stole our heart. Mazel (in the rear) was found at 7 weeks old in a laneway behind a north Winnipeg store, quivering and suffering from a gunshot to his little head. Our first foster, Mazel stole our hearts as he required close supervision and medical treatment to ensure that there was no infection (and not sure at the time if he would survive, or may have suffered any brain damage) but to both our and the shelters' surprise, he recovered well and after requiring plenty of nurturing, we could not return him for adoption to any other family but ours! FrankenStern and Mazel have since adopted each other and constantly play together. Mazel seems to instinctively know of Franken's "special-ness" and is ever-so-gentle with him! 

My wife Cheryl and I are very involved with the rescue of stray and abandoned cats and kittens as well as bunnies. We have fostered and birthed over 140 kittens and as well as numerous adult cats. I had served as Chairman for D'Arcy's A.R.C (Animal Rescue Centre) Fundraising Capital Campaign assisting in raising the funds necessary as well as arranging the real estate representation to secure and move into to their new home from their cramped and crumbling quarters at 1793 Portage Avenue, to 730 Century Street in September 2008, doubling their size and capacity to continue their mission. 

Currently, we now volunteer at, and support Craig Street Cats, Winnipeg's only Feral Cat and Kitten Rescue who are working with Winnipeg's 100,000+ community cats.  They are the only organization in Winnipeg that is actively working to humanely reduce the free roaming cat population in this city, and advocating for change to make that happen.  CSC is also the largest cat specific animal welfare organization in Winnipeg. For further information, please visit their website located below.


Over the last 20+ years Cheryl and I have been involved with other organizations such as the Winnipeg Humane Society and currently support Craig Street Cats, a non-profit organization working to manage the Wolseley community's feral cat colonies. Craig Street Cats provides a TNR (trap, neuter and release) program, kitten rescue as well as colony management. For more information please visit their website at

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